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Open-source mods for and by the Minecraft community

We're a collection of mods, plugins, and tools created for Minecraft by members of the community. Our projects are all open source and power all varieties of servers — from the large to the family-sized. Many of our projects are available, officially or unofficially, for Bukkit, Sponge, Minecraft Forge, MinecraftEdu, LiteLoader, and other platforms.

Our Projects

  • WorldEditWorldEdit
    An in-game open source map editor for Bukkit, Forge, and more with support for other mods.
  • WorldGuardWorldGuard
    Guard areas of the world against troublemakers and tweak Minecraft's features to your delight.
  • CommandBookCommandBook
    Basic and essential commands for your Bukkit server in a lightweight plugin.
  • CraftBookCraftBook
    Magical drawbridges, functional elevators, compact logic gates, and more — all without a client mod!
  • CommandHelperCommandHelper
    Script your Bukkit server without any Java knowledge using a easy to use and powerful language.