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Project lead: wizjany


WorldGuard lets you and players guard areas of land against griefers and undesirables, as well as tweak and disable various gameplay features of Minecraft.

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  • Block creeper and wither block damage, falling damage, etc.
  • Disable fire spread, lava fire spread, ice formation, Endermen picking up blocks, etc.
  • Blacklist certain items and blocks so they can't be used.
  • Warn moderators when certain items and blocks are used.
  • Protect areas of your world so only certain people can build in them.
  • Set areas where PVP, TNT, mob damage, and other features are disabled.
  • Protect your server from various 'exploits' like magical obsidian creation machines.
  • Disable, or enable, various Minecraft features, like sponges from classic.
  • Add useful commands like an immediate "STOP ALL FIRE SPREAD" command.
  • Enable only features you want! Everything is off by default.

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We officially support WorldGuard for Bukkit.

Latest release for Bukkit

Experimental builds for Bukkit

Note! WorldGuard requires that WorldEdit is installed.

  1. Find the plugins folder inside your Bukkit server's folder.
  2. Place the downloaded ".jar" file in your plugins folder.
  3. Start your server as you may have done before.
  4. Either configure your permissions plugin (if you are using one); otherwise, use /op your_name to make yourself a server operator.